Limited Warranty

Chicago Cabinetry hereby warrants to the original purchaser only that all cabinet products sold by Chicago Cabinetry in the United States or Canada are free of defects, damages, or missing components, as determined at the discretion of Chicago Cabinetry.

Chicago Cabinetry will repair or replace products or parts of products sold by Chicago Cabinetry that prove defective because of improper material or workmanship, under normal use and maintenance, within the warranty period.

This limited warranty does not cover any misused, mishandled, or abused products, nor damages stemming from improper packaging, handling, transportation, or installation of the product, nor any damages or defects stemming from improper assembly, modification, alteration, storage, negligence, or destruction of the product after purchase, nor any products subject to environmental conditions (such as excess moisture or extreme temperatures) nor any damages to the product as a result of normal wear and tear. Chicago Cabinetry  is not responsible for any costs incurred by the customer in conjunction with the installation, removal, or transportation of defective products, nor is responsible for any damages or defects to any products used in conjunction with such product, such as countertops, appliances, gas or electrical installations, or plumbing fixtures.

This warranty covers products only as included with original packaging. This warranty does not cover any products which have undergone installation within any capacity; installation of any Chicago Cabinetry product renders this warranty void.

This warranty is valid for up to 5 years of the original purchase date, as determined by receipt or proof of purchase. Proof of purchase is necessary in order to claim any and all rights under this warranty.

This warranty is the complete and exclusive statement of the express warranties provided herein, superseding any and all previous warrantees by Chicago Cabinetry, in lieu of any and all other express and or statutory warranties by the manufacturer, to the extent provided by law. There are no implied warranties extending beyond the terms of this warranty.

Returns Policy

Chicago Cabinetry offers returns on unopened products or undamaged products in their original packaging within 30 days of purchase. Receipt or proof of purchase is needed in order to receive a full-refund. Buyer will be responsible for shipping/transportation of unopened product to our warehouse at :

Chicago Cabinet Center: 300 King St, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

Please allow a processing time of up to 7 business days.


Full exchanges are offered on damaged or defective products. If you have received a damaged or defective product, please contact us at [email protected] and return the item to Chicago Cabinet Center: 300 King St, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 You will receive a replacement product upon inspection of the exchanged item and processing of your claim, via ground shipper or freight carrier, free of shipping charges. Chicago Cabinet Center makes changes to its product line and inventory. If the exact product line filed under an exchange claim is no longer in stock, the damaged or defective product will be replaced by the nearest approximate product available in Chicago Cabinetry current inventory at the time of exchange, subject to availability. Exchanges do not apply to products after installation.


Chicago Cabinetry products are wood products, constructed from several pieces of solid wood, wood fiberboards, and wood veneers on plywood. Differences in grain pattern and color is to be expected. Naturally occurring wood characteristics, such as variations in color, grain, mineral streaks, and knots, are not considered to be defects. Color variations and color softening in cabinetry are natural occurrences as a result of variations in species, age, character of cabinets, and exposure to ultraviolet light. For these reasons, new and/or replacement cabinets may not match display samples and/or existing cabinets. Such variations and changes are not considered defects.


This warranty applies only to defects as defined by Chicago Cabinetry and does not apply to changes brought on by extreme environmental variables, such as high or low humidity, high or low ambient temperatures, or exposure to sunlight. These changes include the yellowing and aging of any wood product or gaps that may develop in door joints.

Painted finishes reacted to environmental conditions differently than stained finishes with normal wood movement; climatic conditions may result in breaks in the finish, recesses, and/or joint and panel lines. These are considered normal occurrences and are not covered under this warranty. Cabinet doors subject to warping must be allowed to hang through one season heating cycle before a claim for replacement may be filed under this warranty. Cabinet doors that are warped in either direction not exceeding ¼” do not exceed normal material expectation and are not covered under the terms of this warranty.

Filing of Claims

Warranty claims must be made by the Original Purchaser; claims cannot be made directly to Chicago Cabinet Center by the consumer purchaser if the product was not purchased from Chicago Cabinetry. The end consumer must contact the dealer or distributor from whom the product(s) were purchased and report the nature of the defect. In order to submit a warranty claim, the Original Purchaser must contact the Chicago Cabinet Center where the product was purchased. The independent dealer or distributer will obtain the information necessary to make a claim decision and forward such information in writing to Chicago Cabinetry for further action regarding the claim.

If the dealer or distributor is no longer in operation as a business entity, please submit your claim un writing, along with a proof of purchase, as well as a photograph of the defect, to:

Chicago Cabinet Center: 300 King St, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 or submit a digital copy of claim, proof of purchase, and photographs to [email protected] Please do not send the defective item unless and until the item is expressly requested by our claims department. Making a fraudulent claim may be a crime and violators may be prosecuted.