Light Grey

The smooth Wholesale Light Grey Cabinets finish on this modern design is a reliable choice for both contemporary and classic aesthetics, opening up kitchen space and complementing a variety of countertops and appliances.

Style Full Overlay/Butt Door
Wall & Base Recessed Square
Front Frame 3/4″ Thick Birch
Door Frame HDF
Door Center MDF
Sides (Wall & Base) 1/2″ A-Grade Plywood With Wood Veneer
Top & Bottom (Wall) 1/2″ A-Grade Plywood With Wood Veneer
Bottom (Base) 1/2″ A-Grade Plywood With Wood Veneer
Cabinet Interior Matches Door Color
Back Panel 1/2″ Full Plywood
Hinges 1 1/4″ Concealed 6-Way Adjustable Soft Close
Connector Pre-Installed Color Coated Metal Clip – Won’t Tarnish
Shelves 3/4″ A-Grade Plywood With Wood Veneer
Drawer Box 17mm Solid Wood Finger Joint (Dovetail) Natural Finish
Drawer Glides Undermount Full Extension With Soft Close
Base Corner Support Wood Corner Brackets With Wood I-Beam Construction

Note: If you are remodeling, do not include current cabinetry or other furniture that will not be kept, such as kitchen tables, in your measurements.
Note: All of your measurements should be in inches. For example, if you measure a wall that is 10 feet, write it as 120" (a quotation mark (") denotes inches).

Step 1: Draw a rough outline of your kitchen. Use the following symbols in your drawing for doors and windows.

Note: For doorways with doors, draw the doorway according to which way the door swings.

Step 2: Draw in any obstructions such as pipes, sink plumbing, ceiling soffits, refrigerator and dishwasher hook- ups that you either cannot, or do not, want moved.

Step 3:
1. Beginning at the top left corner of your drawing measure to the first window, door, or wall. Continue clockwise around the room until each wall, window and door has been measured.
Note: When measuring doors and windows the trim is considered part of the door or window. As shown in the drawing below, measure from the outside of the trim on one side to the outside of the trim on the other side.

2. Measure the ceiling height and write it in the center of your drawing. Sometimes, especially with older homes, it is a good idea to take measurements in a few different areas of the kitchen. Ceiling heights, even in the same room, can sometimes vary by as much as a few inches.

3. As shown in the drawing below, measure from the floor to the bottom of each window and also measure the overall window height. If you have printed these instructions, write the measurements in the table provided below.

Step 4:
1. Beginning at the top left of your drawing, label the windows "Window 1", "Window 2", etc. in a clockwise order.
2. Again, beginning at the top left of your drawing, label the doors "Door 1", "Door 2", etc. in a clockwise order.
3. Next to each wall, write the name of the adjacent room. If the wall is an "outside wall" write "exterior wall."

Step 5:
1. Measure any obstructions such as walls, pipes, etc. that you either cannot, or do not, want moved. If the obstruction is close to a wall, measure out from the wall to the edge of the obstruction.
2. Measure from the second closest wall to the edge of the obstruction.
3. If the obstruction does not span the full height of the room, measure the height of the obstruction. Check your measurements. If your room is rectangular add up the measurements of the parallel walls and make sure they match (or are at least very close). For example, in our sample drawing, you would take the overall measurements of the top wall and add them together. Then do the same with the bottom wall. Once you have added each walls measurements check the totals to see if they match.

    Freight - Most orders will be shipped via LTL curbside freight, no matter how small or how large the order.
    That includes delivery to the jobsite and liftgate. The cost for freight delivery is based on the delivery address.
    FedEx - On small orders of unassembled cabinets, trim, fillers, etc.
    Returns - Assembled cabinets CANNOT be returned or refunded. Unassembled (Ready to Assembled/RTA) cabinets, trim, etc can be returned as long as they are in good condition and in their original packaging. Returns on these items will be subject to return shipping charges and a 25% restocking fee.

Wholesale Light Grey Cabinets Collection

One of the quickest and most inexpensive ways to replace your kitchen is by switching up your front door coloration of cabinets. Give your entranceway a makeover with these beautiful gray colours, ranging from gentle neutrals to darker shades. No count what appearance you’re going.

The light grey kitchen cabinets front doorways are the least popular ones, most in all likelihood because light grey kitchen cabinets is not a very practical colour for a front door grey colour is also a very neutral colour, that means it is entice energy, however as a substitute includes it. So, the energetical clarification compliments the practical one as to why the light grey cabinets kitchen the front doorways are a very popular choice.

There is an exception to everything, though, and I have visible fabulous, high gloss light grey kitchen cabinets which can be a pride to look at the light grey cabinets kitchen, and that is where you have got many more selections to look at — from soft cashmere light grey kitchen cabinets to deep charcoal grey colour. The grey door style colouring is the expression of the attractive element, and it is exceptionally perfect for a front door that faces a compass direction that loves this element.

Your light grey kitchen cabinets is one of the most critical elements of your kitchen. It’s the first factor that human beings see earlier than they enter your kitchen. It’s also an essential aspect of your kitchen style . Therefore, you need to ensure which you have wonderful doors to your kitchen appearance.

Since you have such a lot of distinctive choices to be had in the marketplace today, it can now and then appear to be a bit difficult to understand which ones are great in your needs. The wholesaler gets these light grey kitchen cabinets styles from us.

Long-lasting, high-quality light grey kitchen cabinets door cupboard frames provide stability. Face frames hold the cupboard field square during delivery and set up. The wholesaler can get finer, and reliability includes light grey cabinets kitchen Door style shape us. Captured and incorporated brace creation creates an excellent grey door style cabinet.

This increases stability all through shipping and installation and presents long-term cabinet strength. Unless included with the cabinet side, gussets upload no power or structural integrity to the grey door cabinets. Captured, or included, braces also make base shelves a lot easier to move into the function when installing.